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Welcome to Inspired Wellness. A team of holistic wellness professionals who believe that hope and healing is available to all through the use of the world's purest essential oils. 

Our Mission &

Promise To You

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We promise to bring you the most up to date information, delivered in ways that are easy to understand and easy to implement. We promise to support you throughout your natural wellness journey. Thank you for being here and thank you for trusting us. 

Meet the Team

Audra Robinson, Blue Diamond Leader, Joy Bringer

[I can do all things with essential oils and Christ who strengthens me]

Jennifer Pansa, Diamond Leader, Yoga Teacher

[Each plant in nature has a healing therapeutic quality. When we allow these plants to interact with our physical and energetic self we invite in healing and cultivate balance]

Clara Wisner, Platinum Leader, Nutrition Therapist

[How you deal with + process + invite change is up to you. And I’m telling you (and will keep telling you) that these little brown bottles bring healing to all levels of our being. This is ancient, cellular-level healing]

Deb Hellman, Gold Leader, MAT specialist

[I am on a mission to help people become their best self and live their best life. Period.]

Megan Newmans, Diamond Leader, Integrative Nutrition
Hannah Haller, Diamond Leader, Yoga Teacher

[You have the power to flip the script, any day, at anytime. How will you transform your life?]

Monica Arenas, RD

Monika is a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, PUMA sponsored Fitness Trainer and lifestyle coach that enjoys creating custom holistic health programs for clients with proper nutrition education and mindfulness techniques. She has helped hundreds of clients recalibrate their body, weight and health through a non-diet, flexible eating approach and non-toxic living style.

Jim Rohr, L.AC.

Jim is an acupuncturist, holistic love coach, and is the host of the Pleasure Points podcast. He has been studying the healing arts since he was 15 when he started to see various forms of energy, including auras. He is a graduate of Stanford University and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has been featured in the New York Times.

Dr. Missy Albretch, CSCS

Dr. Missy supports her clients by taking people on a healing journey, providing them with the tools they need to improve body awareness and empower healing. She shares her love of learning with others and is helping to shift how the world views the human body.



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